4 Photographers and a Wedding Album (A Great Wedding Photo Album) Part 1

Here in the UK the 2010 Wedding season is fast approaching. All the wedding fares are being promoted in the hotels up and down the country, the event hosts and service suppliers will be looking to fill the empty slots with the the last minute “Brides and Grooms” that want to do it this year.

I think those “Last minute” Brides and Grooms will have the pick of the crop when it comes to choosing where and when they would like get married. Often the case was them having to sync everything, usually starting with booking the Church location for the wedding then finding the other services to fit in. but in light of the recent financial climate, I don’t think all the wedding service providers will be booked up.

Regarding the wedding photographer and wedding photography things have changed considerably in recent years.

This is partially due to the style of the photos. The “Traditional” wedding photos are no longer the main shots the couples go for. They want informal snaps (or to be posh and glamorise them, they want “Reportage” or “Paparazzi” shots.) Not to take away from the skill of the photographer as I think there is often more skill in getting or creating the reportage style of shots than the traditional ones, but the thing is, the casual shots, just happen any way!, and that’s the whole idea, to capture the event as it unfolds and not to create it, the photographer just has to capture it. This opens the door for literally Anyone to take wedding photos in this style – and armed with a new digital camera with all the “Anti Shake” “low light” “face detection” scene select” “portrait mode” “people mode” 12mp camera, the person operating the camera can’t really get it wrong! Can they?

Well, if the camera takes care of the settings, and lets face it, the Big camera companies are investing £10,000’s in research and development to ensure the camera get’s great results (so you don’t have to) you can be confident that the photos will be right, all you need to concentrate on is how you take them!… coming next article.