Wedding Photography in Warwickshire

If you’re looking for wedding photography in Warwickshire, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to stunning venues and beautiful backdrops. Wherever you choose to get married, it’s a great idea to work with your wedding photographer to make the most of your Warwickshire wedding venue and create some amazing wedding photos that you will look back on with pride for years to come.

First things first is to decide on your venue – a big decision in any couple’s journey towards their wedding day. Once you’ve got your ceremony and reception booked, start looking for a Warwickshire wedding photographer who knows the area and can provide you with the vision and style you’re looking for in your wedding pictures. Hopefully your photographer will be familiar with your particular venue, and so will be able to bring their own insight and expertise to your plans for wedding photos. Look through your photographer’s portfolio and research their reputation by looking at reviews and testimonials by other clients. A good wedding photographer will be open to your ideas and listen closely to your requests – after all, it’s your special day!

If you need some inspiration choosing one of the many spectacular wedding venues and backdrops in Warwickshire, here are just a few suggestions that lend themselves to amazing wedding photography:

Royal Shakespeare Company:

The RSC is based in Shakespeare’s home town – Stratford-upon-Avon – a historic and beautiful area of Warwickshire that is perfect for romantic wedding photography. Imagine yourselves as Romeo and Juliet (though hopefully with a happier ending!) as you pose in the countryside alongside the River Avon or on one of the two famous stages. You can even hold your ceremony at the top of the 100ft theatre tower!

Kenilworth Castle:

A 13th century castle that has hosted many royals and famous events, including Edward II, Henry III, Henry V, and Elizabeth I, who was famously wooed at Kenilworth by the earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley. The queen and earl enjoyed plays, music, dancing and pageants within the spectacular grounds of the castle, but their love was unfortunately not to be, as Elizabeth remained ‘married to England’ as the Virgin Queen.

The castle is set in the heart of Warwickshire within acres of beautiful grounds and surrounded by the English countryside. Restored by English Heritage, Kenilworth is now available for weddings and receptions and provides an amazing backdrop for wedding photography for Warwickshire couples.

The Ardencote Manor Hotel, Country Club and Spa:

For a more modern setting, why not choose the Ardencote for a glamorous and exquisite backdrop for your wedding photography. With 83 acres of landscaped gardens, a private lake and a fairytale manor house, Ardencote offers a wonderful waterside venue for a truly unforgettable ceremony and amazing wedding photos. You can also make use of the on-site spa for your pre- and post-wedding celebrations – perfect for those additional informal wedding photos of you as a couple or having fun with your bridal party.

Twycross Zoo:

For something a little bit different, Twycross Zoo offers wedding ceremonies that include feeding sessions, tours, and even a reception looking out onto an aviary! A completely unique venue for your wedding, and a great place for wedding photography in Warwickshire, with several locations available throughout the zoo where you can have your reception and photos with elephants, penguins and a whole menagerie of different animals.

Talk with your wedding photographer to decide on the best ideas for your wedding photography for your Warwickshire venue, and create a wedding album full of unforgettable moments.

Beautiful Wall Decor Wedding Gifts

When you are looking for the perfect wedding gift, you want a present that will be cherished, used and remembered forever. A wedding gift that can hang on the wall is an ideal gift in all three respects. Choosing a wall décor wedding gift can be tricky, though, unless you take the couple’s personal tastes and sense of design into account when choosing. Here are some helpful hints to make sure that you select a beautiful wall décor wedding gift that will be truly appreciated and loved.

Consider the Style of the Bride and Groom’s Home

When choosing wall décor it is important to remember that this gift is meant to be on display in the bride and groom’s new home. Take stock of the design choices that the couple has made in their personal living spaces and avoid choosing a kitschy wall item if the bride has built her living room around clean, modern Danish lines. Instead, pick a simple design such as a stretched canvas printed with their initials or names in muted colors. For a contemporary living or family room design, consider choosing a wall print or canvas with a sleek, black frame and a colorful, personalized print. If the couple’s taste runs more to the curves of Art Deco, consider opting for a framed design inspired by the elongated curves and almost-abstract art of the Roaring Twenties.

In general, traditional and country styles will be complemented best by personalized prints and art canvases framed in warm or light wood. More modern designs look best with unadorned black or metal frames, or with unframed canvases. Country samplers are ideal for Colonial style living rooms and dens, especially if the print includes calico or adorable animals.

Consider the Personal Taste of the Bride and Groom

If there is a particular motif that is near and dear to the hearts of the bride and groom, you stand a pretty good chance of choosing a gift that they will love if you keep their personal preferences in mind while shopping. Try choosing prints or plaques in their favorite colors and materials, or printed with motifs that hold personal meaning to them. Don’t offer them a floral wall plaque if their tastes run to minimalist modern paintings, and avoid choosing an abstract wall print if they have a country themed kitchen adorned with cute teddy bears. Consider, too, that there are many more kinds of wall decor than just framed prints. Some of the other wall décor wedding gifts that you might consider are wall plaques made of metal, wood or molded resin, and wood plaques carved with the word “love” and the couple’s wedding details, both of which can easily fit into many different décor styles.

Hand painted slate tiles can also be an ideal choice for a rustic or Colonial kitchen, den or family room, and you can even choose one that is painted with traditional wedding icons or ones with more natural scenes.

Another popular wall décor is a stretched art canvas. It is easy to find stunning stretched art canvas designs that make beautiful wedding gifts. Whether you choose a painted Impressionist scene with a pair of love-bird swans or a country rustic saying bordered in twigs and flowers, there are many lovely canvases that can be personalized to make your gift even more extraordinary.

To really stand out, you can always go with a personalized pewter or copper tray wedding present, engraved with the wedding date and names, or a 3-D resin plaque or clock engraved with the wedding couple’s special day details.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are personalized gifts that are always appreciated. When choosing a photo frame, try to keep in mind the general rules of wall décor, choose photo frames and mats that fit with the general décor of the home and do not be afraid to be whimsical or personal. A classic black glass frame is a perfect accent for a modern or contemporary living room, especially when you add the personal touch of a special engraved message. Silver filigree frames are ideal for wedding photos, and wood frames can fit into any style of décor.

If wall hangings seem a bit personal, you might consider a hanging for the outside of their home. A “welcome” slate or plaque personalized with the couple’s married name can make a wonderful gift for the newly married pair.

Whatever gift you choose, personalization is a key part in ensuring that your wedding gift will be special and heartfelt. Think carefully about exactly what to print in the two or three lines you are given. A favored choice is the couple’s names and wedding details, but you might opt to use a personally applicable quote or wedding wish instead. Whichever personalized present you go with, it is sure to be loved and appreciated for years to come.

Informal Wedding Photography New Orleans Style For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a day that is going to provide you with a lifetime of memories to keep on enjoying, but our memories fade where photographs will not. If you’d like to capture the true essence and not a phony image of your big day, why not try informal wedding photography New Orleans style.

You likely already know that New Orleans is a creative and artistic city, and local photographers have learned to incorporate that creativity into that special day. Today’s bride is much more interested in more natural story telling rather than posing, which is why informal wedding photography New Orleans style has become so popular. Photographs of the event as it unfolds, capturing the little moments that you will forget, help you to relive the day over and over again.

Greg, a wedding portrait photographer of Baton Rouge, Louisiana told us that this photography phenomenon is taking hold right across the country. Part of the reason is that there are many more informal weddings occurring. Brides and grooms around the country agree that they want their wedding photographs to tell the real story, not a make believe posed story.

It’s also the reason that wedding photography New Orleans style has seen couples taking their photographers outside the church. Couples are now hiring photographers not just for the ceremony but to record the entire event, including the reception. You will want to see your friends and family laughing and enjoying your big day. And a professional wedding photographer can catch those priceless moments.

Local wedding photographers in Lafayette, Louisiana also agree that the days of the traditional wedding photography are almost gone. Today’s photographers get to show their creativity, and now you are only limited by your imagination. In fact, your wedding photo albums are going to be superior to anything seen in the past. Candid shots of your guests smiling and celebrating will make your photo album fun-filled and beautiful.

Now you will get to capture the most poignant moments on film. Whether you choose wedding photography New Orleans style or some other style of creative or informal wedding photography, what’s important is knowing what to look for in a photographer.

That Louisiana wedding portrait photographer – Baton Rouge, Louisiana – warned that with the digital age there are all kinds of photographers with little experience advertising that they can do your wedding photos for a fraction of the price. You need to run away quickly.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it likely is. Don’t risk your wedding photographs with a discount photographer. You can’t rewind and retake your wedding day. And believe me there is nothing more devastating than getting those photos and discovering they are all out of focus, or the coloring is all wrong.

Your wedding budget whether large or small should include choosing your professional photographer. If you need to cut corners, then do it somewhere else. Your guests aren’t going to know you changed the table arrangements so that you could incorporate a better photographer into the budget. But you will be glad when you see the great looking, informal wedding photography New Orleans style.

Wedding photographers Lafayette, Louisiana agree that you should always compare at least six photographers, their rates, packages, and their informal style, and then choose what you are most comfortable with.

There’s an old saying that says your wedding day is the first day of the rest of your life. It’s certainly one of the most important milestones in your life, and whether you choose informal wedding photography New Orleans style or some other style, what is important is that you get great quality photographs of the most important day of your new life.