Select the Perfect Wedding Venues to Create Unique Wedding Photos

The choice of your wedding ceremony venues can have a tremendous impact on your wedding photos. The choice of wedding venues can affect everything, right from the choice of backdrop for group photos to the style of pictures.

Given below are few tips which can help your wedding venues get the most stunning wedding photos.

· It will be nice if you can get a wedding photographer who has worked at the same venue before. Thus, these photographers will have experience and prior knowledge of the set up of the venue. They will also have a good idea about where the light comes from and which locations are perfect for group photos.

The experienced photographers will also have a good idea about the kind of equipments which they need to carry. You can also check the kind of photos which they have previously taken in the venue.

· You can discuss with your photographer about the venue which you have selected for your wedding. Also, discuss about the style of the photographs which would complement the venue. If your wedding venue is a romantic country house, then the setting will be perfect for dreamy sepia shots. But if the venue is a chic hotel, then paparazzi style photos will add glamour to it.

· When you visit your wedding venue, look for possible photo shoot locations and make a note of them. You can also get some advice from your venue co-ordinator. You, however, do not be afraid to be different. You may find that most group photos are near the entrance. But you can very well have it by the fireplace if you want to do so.

· Find out if the venue has some unexplored and unusual location for the background of your group photos. If you feel that the staircase of the venue is elegant, then you can have the guests seated alongside the banister. There could also be a balcony or a high window at the venue. Your photographer can use it to get a bird’s eye view of all your guests standing together. You could also get your guests to the balcony throwing confetti at the couple below.

There may be wedding grounds outdoors for your wedding photos. But to tackle bad weather you should always have a backup plan indoors. Even if it rains, do not rule out outdoor photos completely. In fact, you can get a classic photo for your wedding album with the guests standing with umbrellas and the bride and the groom in their gum boots.

· If the venue for the wedding is especially attractive and is designed complimenting the wedding theme, then make sure that you ask your photographer to get exclusive photos of the wedding venue with no guests around. They can take photos of the special features like exclusively decorated doors and windows or tables at the venue.

To ensure that everything is perfect and according to your plan, find out beforehand if there is any restriction on the venue being photographed.